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If you're trying to find someone free, this is the right place. Our site is laid out very simply, choose a category from below, find what you are looking for or follow along to the subcategories. There are so many links in some, we have had to break them into several pages to avoid overloading your browser.

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We don't claim to have the largest collection of websites for searching, but it grows everyday and users suggest new additions all the time. Take your time to be thorough, it's understandable that you would want to get your answers and run, but if you want free, you have to work for it a little. So-called "premium" sites will charge for what you find here, and they offer nothing different. If you can't find it here or elsewhere, we do have recommendations on the very bottom of each page for true information providers that are reliable and trustworthy.

Using the menu on the right, it might benefit you to use one of these main areas to start. Each standalone webpage has tips to offer a little extra help. If you have really been working on this more than you have time or patience for, the following sites are secure and honest if you would like to try them:

Intelius is a professional data provider for background check and  work, criminal and residence history. Search Nationwide by maiden/spouse name, age, DOB or SSN for unlisted numbers, addresses, roommates and family members. Preliminary results narrow and verify identity free. Their search is featured above.

These are the main site categories, use as many as you need, starting with what is most appropriate. Some of these lead directly to searches or directory listings, the others have more options to refine your search.

There are many opportunities to find people here and we hope you find it all very helpful. Contact us or submit sites using our links page. Submissions are manually approved.

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